After being released in July Rockstar by DaBaby is now number 1 on the Spotify Top 200 Global Chart and that is no thanks to creative Tik Tok marketing.

The video that started it all and came out on 4.17. Now what is interesting is this was released as an Original Sound and has now surpassed 1.3 Million video views created.

Now what is interesting is that the song came out on April 17th, but it took time for it to grow on the Tik Tok platform. Then right around May 5th there is a consistent pattern in the charts where there was a dip in placement and then a huge growth spurt. What caused the spike?

Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae all posted the song at the same time within that week causing a large spike in Tik Tok UGC videos being created. Now the Hype House does not always guarantee consumption, but in this case it was the viral moment that the song needed to trigger it on the platform.