Hurricanes – Rick Ross Book Notes

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Quotes: “You are going to fuck things up so bad and everybody and their momma are going to tell you to quit. Success comes from saying “Fuck it. I ain’t through just yet” and then giving it another go. Resiliency is what breeds success.” – page 232

  • Chapter 9 [[Slip N Slide Records]] – Ross signed to Slip-N-Slide records and was really going nowhere. Met [[Kanye West]] right before College Dropout and he ended up giving a beat to [[TI]] [[Doin My Job]]
  • [[Rick Ross]] went through a lot of beef with [[DJ Khaled]] and other DJS early on when he was trying to get on. Would dis them all to get attention and use it.
  • [[Hustlin’]] rollout strategy
    • Rick Ross posters on every corner of the street
    • hot air balloons
    • water bottles
    • cardboard cutouts
    • NBA all star weekend – white semi trucks with Ross on it
  • Chapter 14-16 Summary – Never took more than two weeks off and kept it moving album after album. [[God Forgives, I Don’t]] was the best-selling album of his career when it came out and did over 200,000 units the first week. [[Dr. Dre]] and [[Jay Z]] were featured on the project. Was also nominated for a Grammy.
    • [[DJ Khaled]] was a close friend and was always there for him especially when Ross would go through seizures.
    • Commanded more money from [[Def Jam]] and was pissed that he wasn’t a top priority. Ended up dropping [[Rich Forever]] as a mixtape and ended up touring [[Europe]] on his own getting the bag by himself
    • At this time [[Meek Mill]] and [[Wale]] were also starting to see success.
  • Despite his success, he was dealing with a lot of [[Health]] problems. It’s important to take care of yourself.
  • Chapters 16-19 – things were shaping up and had a lot of great success.
    • After his 36th birthday party Rick Ross was driving home and ended up getting shot at multiple times. There was a lot of territory and gang disputes from mentioning [[Larry Hoover]] in his record. A lot of people seemed to target him.
    • Despite everything his mom and sister were the backbone of his empire and really helped him manage his finances. He then saw the [[Holyfield House]] in Georgia and knew he had to have it. Granted it’s a huge cost with about 1 million in annual upkeep, but with persistence, he was able to acquire and own it.
    • Started getting into heavier investments with [[Wingstop]], [[Checkers]], and [[Luc Belaire]].
      • [[Luc Belaire]] and [[Sovereign Brands]] presented him with an ownership stake in exchange for promotion.
      • [[Cristal]] champagne was one of the first brands in hip-hop that made the brand millions of dollars but [[Jay Z]] felt the disrespect and pulled it down off all of his [[40/40 Club]].
    • [[Hood Billionaire]] felt rushed and due to [[Meek Mill]] going to prison [[Rick Ross]] felt rushed to put out a project. Especially after the release of [[Mastermind]] it wasn’t received well.
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How Rockstar By DaBaby feat. Roddy Ricch Became Number 1 On The Spotify Top 200

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After being released in July Rockstar by DaBaby is now number 1 on the Spotify Top 200 Global Chart and that is no thanks to creative Tik Tok marketing.

The video that started it all and came out on 4.17. Now what is interesting is this was released as an Original Sound and has now surpassed 1.3 Million video views created.

Now what is interesting is that the song came out on April 17th, but it took time for it to grow on the Tik Tok platform. Then right around May 5th there is a consistent pattern in the charts where there was a dip in placement and then a huge growth spurt. What caused the spike?

Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae all posted the song at the same time within that week causing a large spike in Tik Tok UGC videos being created. Now the Hype House does not always guarantee consumption, but in this case it was the viral moment that the song needed to trigger it on the platform.

The Power Of A Netflix Sync In Real Time

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Moral Of The Story by Ashe followed a similar path to Truth Hurts by Lizzo. Creative marketing combined with a Netflix sync is a great way to break a record in 2020 and beyond.

Now the strategy for getting syncs is complicated, but the best way is to build relationships with music supervisors at Netflix, directors, etc.

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